What Will it Really Run Me to Sell My House? 

Oftentimes, buyers may consider completing some of them on their own. This can, undoubtedly, reduce some of the costs. However, what homeowners might not consider is that selling their home themselves, and doing the preparations can be more costly than they ever expected. Some preparations may be typical, simple tasks. Other homes might require deeper investments. Here are some of the expenses you can expect. For advice on staging, check out this article 6 Ways to Stage Your Home for Less Than 1K.

Painting is generally one of the most obvious improvements a homeowners knows they can make. Color choices are equally as important as a new paint job in itself. Without the proper paint color, or fresh paint in general, a buyer will equate those costs with more money they have to spend. A bold, or dark paint color can also make a room look smaller. It is important to consider toning colors down, and using neutrals  when painting your house. You can also save some money by doing some of the painting yourself, as hiring painters can equate up to a few thousand dollars.

This is very important. Clean, transparent windows make a huge difference when a buyer is considering a home. To a homeowner, they may not realize how much money this can cost in itself just to clean them. Hiring someone will cost a few hundred dollars, depending on the size and height of your home.

Which touchups are necessary (stained carpet, cracked molding, broken windows, fading hardwood floors) should be left for the buyer to handle is a separate discussion in itself. But there’s practically no house that couldn’t use some quick maintenance to make sure it looks well-cared for and leaves fewer items for a home inspector to comment on.

Staging your home can definitely make a difference to a buyer. Many buyers do not have the creativity to imagine a home decorated. Having a decorator help declutter, reorganize, and in some cases refurnish it after you’ve moved your stuff out, can help impress buyers in a big way. In fact, studies show that buyers pay more for staged homes. Expect to pay a professional stager a few thousand dollars for their services.

Even if you decide to save money by staging your own home, you will still have to put some money into accessories and necessities. It is important to buy fresh flowers, a clean doormat, clean towels for the bathrooms, replacing stained sofa cushions, or hanging some artwork.

Landscaping is very important when a potential buyer views your home. Sometimes, it will require hiring a landscaper. If the yard is not so bad, you will be able to buy flowers and plant them yourself. However, sometimes it might be necessary to plant new grass. You should have flowers pruned, the yard cleared of any leaves, or any general weeding.

Having a professional inspect your house for either termite/pest damage or other structural matters isn’t required , nor expected in most parts of the United States. Buyers expect to pay for their own inspectors, and in fact will probably want to hire ones they know and trust regardless of whether you’ve had the property inspected first. Yet there are situations where you might want to have the house inspected before letting buyers in — for example, if you’ve owned the property for many years and wonder whether any problems have arisen “below the hood” that you’re oblivious to, and would perhaps prefer to fix before buyers have a chance to get upset about them. Inspections will run you upwards of $200.

If you’ll be moving out before putting your house on the market, you can expect to pay higher in utilities than you generally pay when you are living in the home. This is because it is important to leave the lights and heat/air on in the home, as your agent can sometimes have a buyer that will stop by right away. It is important to have the appropriate air temperature setting for the season, the lights on, which makes the house appear nicer. Know that most homeowners’ carriers do not apply when the home is empty, and you may have to cover these costs if not.



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  1. Gary Thomas

    Selling a home can be expensive. First, there are real estate agent fees and commissions, then there are costs your lender might charge for leaving your home loan and finally there are other fees such as government charges and removalist costs. Use a mortgage calculator to see if you can afford to sell your home or to identify which areas you can save in, especially if you decide to sell your property without the help of a real estate agent. Real estate agent fees are not the only costs you have to worry about when selling your home. This is especially true if you do not have much equity in your home and plan to use a major part of the proceeds from the sale to pay your home loan.


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